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I firmly believe there is no point in saying a lot how difficult it is for a blind person to live in our world. Informational isolation is one of them. A blind person is not able to read a business card, brochure or bus schedules.

Braille print that allows the blind to read by touch ist the solution to this problem. Though another side of this issue was the work with this print. How can any person who does not know Braille prepare the text to be printed? So how to convert the text quickly, conveniently and free?

Trying to solve this problem we created the Braille converter with which you can easily convert texts into Braille. Moreover it is available in several languages ( including numbers and punctuation marks).

At this stage the converter operates with six dots but we are considering the possibility of operation with eight dots (in this connection we are in great need of consultants).

This project is non-profit now.

We would welcome any questions, enquiries and proposals.