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Books for the blind

Instead of letters there are points, instead of colorful illustrations — 3D-images. This is how books for the blind in Braille look like. It’s one thing to learn how to read such books. But creating such a book is not an easy process. It is worth saying, that books in Braille differ in size significantly from their originals. So, for example, the book that consists of 120 pages can be 6-7 volumes, printed in Braille.

Keeping books, printed in Braille, requires special conditions, such as large areas; tons of books should be stored in an upright position at a certain temperature and humidity. In the sphere of printing of these books, certain rules and regulations exist but more often even the basic ones, such as the alignment of the text to the left, are violated. One aspect of the quality of publications in Braille is the qualification of people who actually carry out «translation». Although most of them are volunteers, many of them undergo rigorous training which ends up with state exams.

Another aspect of the quality of the text written in Braille that should be controlled, is common standards of editing. While in normal text type, there are many ways to decorate the text, such as bold, italic, size, margins, headers, etc., in Braille there are only several options. For example, a blank line in the text, written in Braille, is used to separate different blocks of the text, and never just for decorative purposes. Font size and width deepening are also standardized. Non-standard placement of the text can be misleading for Braille readers, or simply make the process of reading more difficult.

It can be concluded that the books printed in Braille are difficult to use and can’t always be kept at home. For example, to store a complete «New World » (the Bible) in Braille you will need to have at least 2-metre place. Moreover, the creation of books in Braille is a long-term process. This fact explains not a great amount of books in Braille. The price of such books varies from 500 roubles to several thousands.