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The purpose of the converter

It is foolish to deny that life of a blind man is different from the life of an ordinary man. It is hard to imagine our daily life without getting information from the outside world. And most of it we get with the help of our sight.

With the invention of the converter, people can send information to the blind in a written form. Just within second information presented in the usual form for a healthy person can be represented in the form of Braille that is familiar and easily understood by people with vision impairments.

So anyone who is visually impaired is able to get the information that he/she is interested in easily. There are many examples. Say, with the converter the translation of books into Braille will not take much time. As a result, blind people will be able to appreciate the beauty of literary and scientific works. Government and public services can easily convey any legislative information to people. For example, the bus schedule that people need every day will become available for the blind.

Converter is indispensable in such sphere as business too. After all, it enables employment of visually impaired people, as the employer would not have to worry about how to convey any information to the employee in a written form, because oral communication is not always possible.

The number of examples is enormous. The main thing is that with the converter any sighted person who is not familiar with Braille is able to «write» anything (numbers, symbols, in Russian, English and other languages) in a form that will be understood by the visually impaired.

Consequently, people with visual impairments will have the opportunity to communicate freely with the world around.